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Lochaber Hall, London, 16 October 2021

25 Oct 2021

This return to Lochaber Hall for Saturday morning life drawing came exactly 2 years and 4 days since my last visit. I had been meant model there on 4 April 2020 but that booking was an early casualty of the pandemic. Still, better late than never. Eighteen months later than expected, I was back… and it was as though nothing had changed. As I ascended Lochaber Road, the familiar old brick building waited patiently, sturdily squatting on high. Inside, an arc of well-spaced easels embraced my pose space.

We began with six poses of 5-minutes each. I like this format a lot as it speaks to my preference for multiple dynamic poses, whilst allowing the artists just enough time for extra observation and consideration of their basic mark-making. But really quick work was to follow: ten poses of 1-minute each. Next, going from one extreme to the other, it was time to set-up the session’s long pose that would last around 2 hours. Naïvely I asked what kind of pose they would prefer. The answer: would standing be OK?

I’m an obliging chap so of course it was OK. Having said that, if anyone had insisted I sprawl down on soft pillows and sheets, I may have kissed the hem of their garments. Instead I opted for a simple, sustainable, balanced posture and settled in. By keeping it simple, I could get through with just two breaks; one for tea and one to stretch. This meant less disruption for the pose and the artists’ flow of concentration. Not everyone found room for my feet on the page, but this is usual! The rest of me was done proud.

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