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The Star by Hackney Downs, 15 February 2022

20 Feb 2022

I arrived at The Star by Hackney Downs fully half-an-hour early. I’d brought forward my departure from home as severe delays were reported on the London Overground, but by the time I reached its afflicted area the problem had been fixed. This was all to the good, however, as I could enjoy a nice catch-up and excellent home-made lemon drizzle cake with Drawing the Star organiser, Catherine Hall before the first poses.

5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, three of 1 minute, three of 30 seconds. If any artist wanted warming-up, they got their wish. Catherine’s playlist urged them yet faster, reaching a crescendo of buzzsaw acoustic guitar as they attempted to capture all six-foot-four of me in just half a minute. After this, at 10 minutes each, the final two poses before our break were comparatively sedate.

The 10-minute poses must have gone down well – when Catherine offered her artists the option of either three more 10-minute poses, two 15s, a 10 and a 20, or one 30 to complete the session, they voted for 10s. That suited me just fine. I stood for the first, both hands around the back of my neck; I semi-reclined for the second, limbs making angles and negative space; I sat for the third, elbow on knee, fingertips on forehead.

As is traditional at the end, artists placed their drawings on the floor where they could be appreciated and admired by all. So much talent in the room this evening! So many strong distinct styles too. No doubt I looked part-vain, part-insane as I tiptoed around, eagerly photographing my own image in scores of variations. But I’ll never stop being impressed by humankind’s ability and desire to keep making wonderful art.

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