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Harmony Hall, London, 13 June 2022

26 Jun 2022

Around midday before this Monday evening session I exchanged text messages with Walthamstow Lifedrawing organiser, Harriet and forewarned her: “I managed to get sunburned yesterday so you’ll need your bright pink paints…

On Saturday, I’d taken part in the London Naked Bike Ride painted silver from head to toe. Then on Sunday I joined in the Brighton Naked Bike Ride with no body paint and hardly any sun cream. Tsk. The rest writes itself.

And so to Harmony Hall. I disrobed, revealing the extent of my bright pinkness, then began with four poses of 5 minutes, one of 10 minutes, one of 15 minutes and one of 20 minutes. Shifting shape and direction in the round, every pink patch was shared.

I hadn’t caught the sun all over, I’d just been mottled with a (naked) cyclist’s burn: top of legs, front of arms, upper back, lower belly (striped white where my fat folded) and across my groin. Classy. After a short break I ended with a 25-minute reclining pose.

Notwithstanding my discolouration, I’d felt comfort and warmth throughout, both from the ambient temperature and the cheery good nature of the artists. They managed to create some excellent works; a couple even used their bright pink paints… 🙂

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