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The Beehive, London, 24 September 2022

11 Oct 2022

September 2022 was a strange and intense month. Sometimes sparkling, sometimes serene; other times numbing, despairing, overwhelming. Futures clouded, felt remote and unfathomable, ungovernable. Sleep was more comforting than wakefulness. Still the world turned, pages turned, and it barely registered that I wasn’t modelling much.

My only life modelling in this period was for Tottenham Art Classes at The Beehive. Here were reassuring surroundings and good people, away from my preoccupations, where I had only to be a reliable professional and remarkable poser; both roles came naturally enough. We began with quick-fire work: 2 minutes, 2, 3, 3, 5 and 5 minutes.

Regular organiser Taz was absent on parenting duties, so I was entrusted to the care of her husband, Tom. Or was it the other way around? Either way, I’ve known Tom for years and between us we made sure this well-attended evening proceeded smoothly. Poses of 10, 15 and between 12 and 15 minutes took us to our half-time interval.

After the break we restarted with a quick 5-minute pose, then ended the session with two longer poses: 20 minutes, and between 17 and 20 minutes. All was well. Another five days of oscillating intensity and numbness followed, and then… I flew to Norway with Esther for a restorative week in the Arctic, at Tromsø. A magical tonic. 💖

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