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Private booking, London, 26 November 2022

2 Dec 2022

Whilst the deepest darkest pandemic days of coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown now seem like part-hazy dream, part-waking nightmare, its after-effects remain real. Many of us used the time to reconsider our priorities. For me, modelling had always been a pleasure rather than essential employment, but almost 2 years of enforced downtime showed me I needed a healthier life balance. I needed fewer bookings.

So I set myself a target for 2022 of averaging just 3 bookings per month. I was ahead of schedule by mid-February and remained comfortably so all year, but a cancellation in October, a realisation I’d been miscounting, and a rash spate of declining offers got me doubting whether I would hit my annual quota. Then came the joy: first, a booking at The Art of Isolation, followed by a chance to model for Robert Waddingham.

Rob had drawn me previously in Monday evening classes at The Conservatoire, but this private booking would give him the freedom to determine timing, lighting, position and pace. Together we could agree poses that aligned with the challenges he wished to explore. Over the course of three hours, we began with an emphasis on twists and angles, then gradually steered our focus towards the observation of foreshortening

Poses were to last between 15 and 20 minutes each. I stood for the first three, sat for the next three, then lay down as if crucified – this got 10 minutes extra – and finished with one more on my feet. It could be the template for a perfect session; professional conduct from all parties, good rapport and understanding, great music whilst working, and fascinating conversation in between. All in all, a superb session #36 for 2022.

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