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Garrett Centre, London, 15 March 2023

4 Apr 2023

Late 2022, early 2023 has been a time of strikes. Unionised British people are at last drawing a line and saying enough-is-enough to the duplicitous, self-serving cronyism of successive Conservative governments. Good! I support them all. And if a strike by tube workers shuts down the London Underground, so be it. We have to draw a line.

The strike on 15 March meant that instead of an 8-minute walk to the Garrett Centre from Bethnal Green tube station, I had a 38-minute trek from Limehouse train station. No problem, even in the rain. But would any artists turn up? The answer was a “yes”! About 17, I think. A tad down for one of Adrian Dutton’s groups, but commendable.

I started with a 15-minute standing pose, and artists began drawing their lines. It was comfortable work, but maybe I should have heeded an early warning when it overran by 5 minutes. Timing is crucial. We followed with five speedy poses of 1-minute each before lengthening gradually with 5 minutes (seated) and 10 minutes (standing).

The last pose before the break was supposed to be 20 minutes so I got into a seated position that I knew to be sustainable for 20 minutes. As so often happens before the break, however, we overran again. Eventually after 30 minutes with stabbing pains in my supporting left wrist, time was called. (sigh). I’ll set an alarm for myself next time!

Consolation during our interval came in the form of a tasty hot dhal, plus tea, biscuits and assorted other snacks. Notwithstanding this fine refreshment I guess I was still a bit moody as we began the second half, judging by my facial expression as captured by a few of the artists. I sat for 10 minutes then stood for the final 23 minutes.

We finished bang on time. Artists finished drawing their lines and spread their superb artworks across the floor for shared appreciation. Many extraordinarily accomplished creations had emerged. I was even gifted a fantastic set of drawings by shachartzin. My mood was much better on the 38-minute return walk. I’d drawn a line.

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