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Naked Odyssey 2018

Inspired by participation in nude outdoor photo shoots for Spencer Tunick, Matt Granger and Natansky – some pre-organised, others guerilla-style – I resolved that, from 2016, impromptu naked photography would be a part of all my world travels…

Cork in February

From our base in Cork on the south coast of Ireland, Esther and I first walked around the Ring of Mahon, then went by bus to each of Cobh, Kinsale and Killarney, and finished by taking a bus to Leap and hiking the low roads back to Rosscarbery via Glandore and the evocative ancient Drombeg stone circle.

Sunset on the waterfront at Cobh – location map.

Emerging from freezing Lough Leane near Killarney – location map.

Glance to the snow-capped peaks over Lough Leane – location map.

On the western stone at Drombeg – location map.

Hamburg in April

Snow fell on Saturday of the Easter weekend that Esther and I stayed with our friend Sabine in Hamburg. That evening we took shelter in a Rolo Tomassi gig at Headcrash on the Reeperbahn. The following day we relaxed in the luxurious steamy heat of eucalyptus, fruit and menthol sauna ceremonies at Kaifu-Bad.

Our John and Yoko ‘Two Virgins‘ pose at Kaifu-Bad – location map.

Lithuania in May

In Lithuania, we started our stay at Vilnius, and took a trip to Trakai. We then went north by bus for a few days surrounded by lakes at Molėtai. Finally, we returned to Vilnius and changed bus to finish at Kaunas. Temperatures rose from the mid-20s to about 31°C by the end. Never was it more desirable to be naked.

Trakai castle panorama – location map.

Luokesai lake, south of Molėtai – location map.

Dūriai lake, north of Molėtai – location map.

Pastovis lake, at the heart of Molėtai – location map.

On the stump at Kaunas lagoon near Pažaislis monastery – location map.

Dusk at J. Naugardo gatvė in central Kaunas – location map.

Aarhus in September

In Aarhus, Denmark, I seemed to encounter nakedness everywhere: a looped film trailer on the airport bus; sculptures, street art; the Women’s Museum; ARoS; nudists at Den Permanente; the Rådhus giant mural; the GENDERhouse Festival. One simply has to join in!

On the sea defences, north of Aarhus marina – location map.

At Ballehage beach, south of Aarhus – location map.

By the Dome of Visions, central Aarhus – location map.

Ghana in October and November

Truly we loved Ghana. After exploring Accra, we ventured east along the coastal road to Ada on the River Volta estuary. After a few days, we travelled north to stay at the village of Wli, where briefly we crossed the border into Togo. Finally, we returned to the capital via a couple of days at Akosombo. So much wonder.

On a sand spit at the mouth of the River Volta, near Ada – location map.

At our riverfront cabin near the Volta Estuary, in Ada – location map.

Shimmering under the billowing mist of mighty Wli Waterfall – location map.

Reconnecting the rainbow at Wli Waterfall – location map.

By the River Volta at Adi Lake Resort, Akosombo – location map.

On the roof of The Sleepy Hippo Hotel, Accra – location map.

Marrakech in December

We concluded our travels this year by spending Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco. Nudity in public is not commonplace here, to say the very least, so opportunities to liberate our bodies were few. We took care to make sure those moments showed no disrespect.

On a roof terrace, with the great Koutoubia Mosque just visible – location map.

A short walk north from les Jardins de l’Agdal – location map.

The Ochre City at sunset – location map.

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