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Wanstead House, London, 4 December 2013

4 Dec 2013

Over recent years I’ve been accustomed to catching a magnificent cold in mid-autumn and then passing through winter relatively unscathed. Having already achieved the first part of the deal this year, it was somewhat annoying to wake up this morning with a tell-tale tightness at the back of my throat.

Even more annoying was it breaking into a rough agitation midway through the second of three 20-minute poses during a first hour’s life modelling back at Wanstead House. It’s hard to suppress the urgent need to cough. A couple of minor ahems served only to distract the artists.

Tea at half time proved a better remedy. The final 30-minute pose – laying on a table, propped on one elbow – was free of all but the usual discomfort when disproportionate body weight is directed through one shoulder. It was a mellow session, nonetheless.



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