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Waterloo Action Centre, London, 9 December 2013

9 Dec 2013

A new venue for me, in new circumstances – this evening I life modelled at Waterloo Action Centre, close to Waterloo station, London. The small group was organised by Irene, whom I’d met earlier this year at the birthday party of fellow model, Ursula. And, indeed, Ursula was my co-model for this session.

During the first hour we worked through a sequence of poses ranging from seven to 15 minutes. Proffering plastic apples, we posed standing and facing; seated on chair and floor; standing either side of a pillar; switched positions seated on chair and floor.

Irene commented she was pleased with our feet close together in one of her drawings. With this inspiration, we arranged our first pose after the break with us both sitting on the floor but with our feet sole-to-sole up on a chair.

For the last half-hour we posed laying close together on our sides. There was a gap of Victorian standard decency in between us, but it created an optical illusion of intimacy for the artists. Overall it proved to be a lively session with models and artists bantering together throughout, and a dance class next door bopping away to Elvis.

Lots of fun. Here are some of the fruits:




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  1. Really love these honest insightful commentaries from the model’s point of view.

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