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Garrett Centre, London, 11 December 2013

12 Dec 2013

Last night was my penultimate life modelling session of the year. It was a sixth time this year in Bethnal Green for Adrian Dutton and, as ever at one of Adrian’s groups, the organisation and hospitality was second to none. The challenge for me, however, was managing my poses around the little Stanley fan heater on a cold, cold night.

The first pose was to be 10 minutes long. Fresh out of my day clothes I began with a twisted standing pose. Next, the dynamic tension of five quick-fire one-minute poses kept me warm, but during the subsequent standing and seated three-minute poses I sensed a little of my core body heat slowly starting to ebb away.

I remained standing for five and 10-minute poses. The was heater roasting my ankles but not too much hot air was rising. Come the longer 20-minute pose I was ready to be more self-indulgent. I lay down sideways-on to the fan, warming my body, with my right foot resting on my left inner thigh.

For the final 10-20 minute pose before the break I sat up on the same spot. Weirdly, this was the coldest I’d felt all night. I could sense the hairs on my arms standing on end, and was glad when time was called so I could fall on the complimentary cooked pizza, garlic bread, red wine and nibbles.

In the final half-hour session I sat on a table covered with cushions, my right elbow on my right knee, index finger pointing heavenwards. With the heater angled towards me on an adjacent chair, this was a serene way to see out the evening.

In spite of occasional chills, my only regret was that my camera battery died before I could get pictures of all the great artwork produced. Adrian’s groups always seem to attract genuine artistic talents.  It’s been my pleasure to work with them this year.







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