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The Old Nun’s Head, London, 18 July 2017

27 Jul 2017

Life Drawing 15!

Not one, but TWO models for our final session of the term!
Join us for another wonderful evening @The Old Nun’s Head, 7pm to 9pm. We are lucky enough to have Steve and Esther modelling for us. £8 online or OTD. Basic materials, paper and boards provided. Join us for a drink after in the pub! X

Esther and I were privileged to be booked together for the fifteenth and final evening in this, the very first term of Nunhead Drawing Group. I had been booked for their Life Drawing 8, when sessions were still held in The Green community centre. From the following week, they relocated to a bigger space on the upper floor of The Old Nun’s Head, directly across the road. Esther made her own début appearance for the group there at ‘Life Drawing 10’. Now, as a duo, we opened with six poses of 2-minutes.

Originally, it was suggested that we begin with a sequence of 1-minute poses, but we recommended doubling it for the sake of those in our semi-circle of artists who hadn’t any previous experience at drawing two models. A couple of 5-minute poses followed: one in which Esther stood with a foot on my chest, and another in which I hugged her legs. Then for 10-minutes Esther lay down whilst I kneeled behind, not really thinking in advance about the wisdom of knee-balancing, or how pornographic it might appear.

We finished the first half with a 15-minute pose in which I sat and Esther leaned back onto me. After a break we resumed with a similar pose but with a slight shift in weight distribution as now Esther sat and I leaned forward to hug her for 20-minutes. Next for 25-minutes we lay together in an open spooning arrangement, then to finish we stood for 5-minutes with Esther to the fore. Lots of lovely art resulted, and we felt we’d been well received. Hopefully the group will return in autumn – it has a good thing going.

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