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Food, Fashion and Colour Extravaganza at Dumpling Heart

2 Aug 2017

London Colour Walk is an informal gathering of creative people who get dressed or dress-up to inspire and be inspired. They have no rules – just one simple core belief: “the more colours the better”. When they do colour, they do it with lavish celebratory joy and vivacious hearts, their wild styles making wide smiles. On Sunday 9 July, in Haggerston, north London, it manifested as a dazzling Food, Fashion and Colour Extravaganza at Dumpling Heart.

© ‘Colour Walk, Shoreditch, March 2016’ by Ella Guru

Food would be courtesy of Melhui Liu’s Dumpling Heart – a selection of 2-course or 3-course meals, with complimentary drinks – down in the lower level of SHEDlondon. Afterwards, this same space would be transformed into the venue for an extraordinary fashion show presenting the creations of Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Carey Marvin, Florent Bidois and Estelle Riviere Monsterlune. Esther and I would be two of nine catwalk models for Estelle.

Esther © Richard Kaby

Me © Richard Kaby

After sharing a 2-course meal – Esther had spicy vegetarian noodles, whilst I took the strawberry cheesecake – we went backstage to try on our assigned garments. Esther would be modelling Estelle’s monstershroom outfit, but with a kind of fez instead of its giant mushroom cap, whereas I was back in the sexy flower costume that I’d cavorted around in with Monstershroom and the Bugs back in June. Four sets of models and designers, facilitators, photographers and friends all crammed in a chaotic corridor.

© Richard Kaby – centre to right: Carey Marvin, Estelle Riviere, Florent Bidois.

© Ricardo Castro

As ever, there was much waiting around for those precious few seconds of excitement when we could strut the catwalk. Estelle’s creations were to be the last presented; we could hear much appreciation beyond the stage door for those who preceded us. Duly, our host for the event – Empress of Colour, Sue Kreitzman – introduced Monsterlune magnificence, and we entered, one at a time: first Pauline, then Kat, Jessica, Ricardo, Esther, Adina, Aizen, Takatsuna… and last of all, myself.

© Richard Kaby

© Anthony Lycett

© Anthony Lycett

© Richard Kaby

© Richard Kaby

After our individual moments, we returned en masse together with Estelle to bathe in collective applause. This audience needed no prior persuading of Estelle’s genius for design, but it was nice to share in their warmth and love. Afterwards everyone spilled outside for what was originally meant to be a colour walk around nearby Stonebridge Gardens, but which somehow progressed no further than lots of mingling and posing on pavements. Fun was had nonetheless, in fantastic company and glorious hues.

© Monika Schaible photography

© Richard Kaby

© Richard Kaby

Downstairs at SHEDlondon, we’d been surrounded by good friends and familiar faces; now even more gathered outside. Many would be heading west across London to the King and Queen pub in Fitzrovia for another Monstershroom performance, this time for a Vanilla launch party. Esther and I had been invited too, but our paths lay to the south and east – it’s heart-warming to know, however, that wherever we may travel as individuals, somewhere in London there is unbridled colour and joy.

© Alys Alice

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