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83a Geffrye Street, London, 17 October 2017

25 Oct 2017

Having been fairly astonished to find myself posing for a bumper crowd of 31 artists at The Sun on Monday, I was doubly impressed that no fewer than 32 turned up to draw me the next evening. My June visit to The Workshop had barely two-thirds as many. Truly, life drawing picks up in a big way after the summer months. As is traditional, we started with a 10-minute standing pose – a stride, twist and sideways gesture – which allowed latecomers time to settle down before we moved onto quicker work.

I’d enjoyed my poses yesterday so tonight I honed them further, making a better job of aligning them to the various durations. We proceeded with three 2-minutes poses, two 5-minute poses, and two 15-minutes poses, taking us to an interval. After a half-hour’s break to enjoy assorted breads and dips, I concluded with two 30-minute poses. Good session; one or two aches afterwards – as is probably inevitable – but I am happy with how things are going. And it was great to be back for London Life Drawing.

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