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cave, London, 30 November 2017

3 Dec 2017

At the end of a day in which fleeting flurries of snow had blown across London, it was with mild trepidation that I approached cave in Pimlico for an evening’s life modelling. It is a venue blessed with warmth, but mainly emanating from the hearts of those who work there. Apart from that I imagined its large lock-up exterior doors not necessarily being the last word in cold insulation. Happily my doubts were misplaced as a pair of fan heaters, hot underfloor piping, and a 1970s vintage mock-fireplace worked a treat.

Possibly I wasn’t alone in fearing the cold, as it seemed around half the regular artists had opted to stay at home. On the plus side, a couple of newcomers were present so we had a nice gathering. Pose times were as per my first visit here, starting with five 1-minute poses, two 5-minute poses and two 10-minute poses. For the first 10-minute pose I lay on the floor with my feet up on a chair. Whimpers from the group suggested this was a bit too taxing, so I made the next seated pose compassionately simple.

Hot mugs of tea with biscuits at the break were very welcome. My appreciation of the Tears for Fears CD played during my first visit – teenage-years nostalgia – had been noted, so I was treated to it again. In the second half, we were serenaded by Enigma while I stood with a broom handle across my shoulders, and then sat so my numb left arm could recover – both were 25-minutes. It was another relaxed, genial session in a space that feels as much about community as it is art. Cosy joyfulness on a cold day.

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