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The Old Nun’s Head, London, 28 November 2017

2 Dec 2017

During its brief existence Nunhead Drawing Group had outgrown its first home and switched across to The Old Nun’s Head function room. I’d been fortunate enough to model for them in both venues, solo and in a duo with Esther, but it became unclear whether the group would return after its summer holiday as the three original founders all departed for warmer climes. Happily, three of the group’s regular artists have taken over, and I was very pleased to be invited back for session 05 of their autumn term.

Perhaps because it was London’s first truly freezing night of late 2017, the attendance was half what had been expected. Either that or artists were more greatly seduced by the ‘Drag Bingo’ going on downstairs. Never mind though, as it turned out to be a very positive session, and plenty warm enough. The first half was focused on quick poses: five of 1-minute, four of 5-minutes and two of 15-minutes. A great playlist of Japanese swing and obscure disco set the right mood and tempo.

After an extended drinks break, in which I was generously furnished with red wine, we finished with poses of 15-minutes and 20-minutes. By now the bingo caller downstairs had gone into overdrive – bellowing out his one-fat-lady and all-by-itself – but, between smirks and winces, we endured. The result was an impressively high standard of work from everyone present, displaying strong style and verve. It was good to be back, and even better that the group has returned.

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