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Mycenae House, Blackheath, 22 March 2018

25 Mar 2018

Life at Mycenae House began with an anatomy lesson. It was my first time posing for the artists of Life-drawing at Mycenae House where the session was to start with a study of the leg. I asked tutor Jon Long how he would like me to pose for it; “In the life model style,” was the inevitable reply. I removed my robe and put my best foot forward while he described to the group in exquisite medical detail all the bones, muscles and joints. I was impressed. Four 10-minute poses followed.

Having never modelled here before, I felt safe cycling through some of my old favourite poses, whereas at repeat booking places I’m increasingly at pains to be more diverse. The original plan was to stand for each pose but after struggles with my height for the first two, I was asked to sit on the floor for the third. After standing again for the fourth we had a break then resumed with a single long pose to the end. The request was for a twisting reclining pose. No bother.

‘No bother’ in the first thirty minutes became discomfort nearer the end of our last half hour. Midway through I shook out the arm that I’d bent back under my head and found it to be completely floppily numb. Time was easily passed however, as Jon’s on-going observations, advice and encouragement made for interesting listening. At the interval, he’d debated the nature of perfection as understood from the writing of Spinoza… but this is very much a relaxed, easy-going group with great community spirit. I enjoyed.

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  1. It was nice meeting you Steve! It really was a fascinating session last Thursday – thank you very much. I hope your arm was okay afterwards! 🙂

    • Thank you, Louise. I liked your drawings! Hope you and the group keep going from strength to strength.

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