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Mall Galleries, London, 23 March 2018

3 Apr 2018

The four models working for Hesketh Hubbard Art Society this evening were: Esther on 15-minute poses, me on 30-minute poses, Tiziana on the long pose, and Valentina sitting for portraits. I arrived at Mall Galleries almost half an hour early yet there were scores of artists already present; circling Esther’s area in greatest numbers, but I had a good crowd of familiar faces too. My opening posture was upright.

I had begun with arms slightly outstretched but only so far as I knew could be held for 30-minutes. Whilst they’d tired slightly at the end, I still fancied following with another standing pose up to the interval – this time in a modified stance with both arms folded close to my body. After tea, biscuits and mingling, I settled myself for the second half in a seated position with my body leaning forward and both hands firmly planted.

I reckon the third pose went down reasonably well as an artist approached me to ask my name during the few seconds before the next one. To finish I pivoted and reached towards the gold life-size nude male sculpture that had loomed over me in the gallery exhibition space all evening. I don’t think anyone troubled to capture both figures. I’m sure that, like me, they prefer it when my duo poses here are with Esther.

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