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Mycenae House, Blackheath, 8 November 2018

9 Nov 2018

After three weeks’ absence from the life drawing scene, including two weeks’ absence from Europe, I resumed nude shape-making with a second visit to Mycenae House in Blackheath. I’d first posed here for Life-drawing at Mycenae House back in March.

As in March we started with 10-minute poses – three to begin with, first kneeling then two standing. After this, to complete the first half, group organiser Jon suggested I sit on a chair for 20 minutes. I duly got comfy then added in a few angles.

When Jon announced an hour-long reclining pose after the break, one artist asked if I could be in the foetal position rather than stretched out. As I had just a yoga mat and a sheet for the wooden floor, I thought it best to lay on my clothes for extra padding.

For the first 40 to 45 minutes I was comfortable, but then inevitably there comes a bit of an ache where the hip and shoulder bones press to the floor. Not a problem though. This was a nice, gentle return to the world of life modelling.

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