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Christ Church Methodist Addiscombe, Croydon, 13 May 2019

30 May 2019

I had the great pleasure of being booked on a recommendation by The Croydon Art Society. Founded in 1878, it is considered one of the oldest art societies in England, outside of London. Its membership does engage in life drawing but on this occasion I was to sit for portraits in the rear hall at Christ Church Methodist Addiscombe.

This being an unfamiliar journey for me, I allowed myself plenty of travel time and duly arrived plenty early. I met Evi and Anthony as they were about to ready the room, so I set to work helping them arrange a horseshoe of tables and chairs. At its centre I had a chair of my own, a box upon which to rest one foot, and assorted coloured fabrics

Come 7:30pm, I settled down to commence what was to be a 2-hour session with one 15-minute interval for tea and biscuits. I was offered the chance to take stretch breaks before and after our main break but, having been careful to make a comfortable nest, I found these were not necessary and was able to remain motionless throughout.

Although the artists were mostly silent while working, their chatter at other times was friendly and sociable, as befits a long-running group. Some worked on one drawing all evening, whilst others started a new work after refreshments. It seemed there were as many styles as there were people present, and I enjoyed being the focus for each.

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