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The Workshop N4, London, 14 May 2019

1 Jun 2019

When I arrived at The Workshop N4, life drawing organiser Lisa seemed dispirited. It emerged that one after another, almost all her regular artists had contacted her to say they would not be able to join us tonight. Two were expected, but train troubles meant the finally tally was just one – a friend of Lisa – plus Lisa herself and me modelling. At least the two friends together would make it a good humoured session, and naturally I would give as much as if working for a hundred artists. I started with an upright pose.

After standing for 15-minutes I then sat down on a bench, making various angles and lines with my limbs. I held the position for 30-minutes, at the end of which I found one had drawn just my torso and the other my face! Ah, it happens. We took a swift break then concluded with two more 15-minute poses: first sitting, then standing. There was room enough for those drawing me to shift vantage points but this only occurred once; artists do like their favourite chairs. In all, it was a low-key but very jolly evening.

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