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West Wickham Arts, Hayes, 24 February 2020

6 Mar 2020

It seemed to take an age for the preceding class of young girls and their instructors to vacate Hayes Free Church hall so West Wickham Arts Association could move in. One can’t help feeling a bit self-conscious, waiting patiently amongst parents who are there to collect their daughters. I imagined them glaring contemptuously and ushering their offspring away in haste if they knew my purpose was to bare all. Not that there is anything shameful about the profession of a life model – but people do spook easily…

…or maybe I was just being paranoid; either way, I was glad when we got started. We were down on numbers from my last visit, but the setting-up of tables, chairs, easels, heaters and extension cables still takes time. Eventually with a horseshoe of artists in position around me, I opened with a 15-minute standing pose, followed by 30-minutes seated on the floor. Only the scratchy sounds of mark-making on paper and the warm hum of two highly effective heaters broke our silence.

With about ten minutes of the second pose remaining, two chaps broke ranks and set about making the half-time tea. It was a most welcome beverage. Whilst artists talked intently about the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, I partook of refreshments and admired their work. For the last 45-minute pose, I asked if they would prefer me to sit, stand or recline. The preference was sitting on the floor again, which suited me fine. It was a most comfortable end to a pleasant evening with an affable group.

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