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The Star by Hackney Downs, 25 February 2020

9 Mar 2020

One of the most pleasurable venues to life model over the past half-decade has been The Star by Hackney Downs. To help celebrate the fifth anniversary of Drawing the Star life drawing, organiser Catherine Hall invited me and Esther back once more to pose as a couple. We opened this special treat with 10-minute and 5-minute poses.

It was nice to get a goodly gathering of artists around us, including long-time regulars and welcome new faces. This group has a genuine community spirit – drink and draw as it should be – where the highly-proficient and complete novice can relax and enjoy their art side-by-side. Three poses of 2-minutes each came next.

For our second 2-minute pose, Esther stood while I sat on the floor holding her hands and her gaze. Star artist Giovanni Forlino immediately hailed it the cutest pose he’d ever seen, so as an antidote we wrestled for the final 2-minutes. With 22-minutes left till the break, Esther loomed above me as I stretched one hand up to her belly.

Drinks were taken, and then a vote was taken: should we wrap-up with one 30-minute pose, two of 15 minutes, three of 10 minutes, or a 20 and a 10? A show of hands was unambiguous in calling for two 15s. We started by reclining together, me leaning over and gently cradling Esther’s impeccably sprawled form.

With two models together as a couple, there is sure to be cuddling at some point. We saved ours till last. Cuddles must be deployed sparingly, otherwise all the poor artists get to draw is a succession of backs. Mindful of this, we sat holding each other tightly in an asymmetrical embrace.

I first modelled here on 23 April 2015, not long after the group began. This five-year anniversary special was my twenty-third visit as the model, while on other occasions I’ve come simply to draw and stay for a drink afterwards. Every time is a joy, and it is clear that many artists feel the same way. Bravo, Catherine, and thank you.

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